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Cheyenne Creek

Cheyenne Creek's Home Page

Welcome To Cheyenne Creek's Home Page.

Cheyenne Creek is a northern style singing group that comes from Pine Ridge, South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Agency. We are a family oriented singing group, so our drum is made up of family members and extended family members.

Our music that we sing is made from drum group members. So this helps us to create our own style of singing. "Stampede" is our first release as a singing group. All the songs on this cd are originaly composed. The cd itself was produced at Martin, South Dakota with the help from Wakinyan Records from Fort Yates, North Dakota.

The lead singer for our singing group is Emmanuel "Bull" Black Bear. He is the composer to most of the songs. Other members that have songs on this cd include Tim Black Bear, Jeremiah Moreno, Brian Thunder Hawk and Robert Two Crow. Track 5 Rememberance, is made for the Mia and Pow's.

We as a drum group are very thankful to two uncles that have been very supportive to us as a singing group. We would like to thank Leksi Wilmer Mesteth and Leksi Francis "Chubbs" Thunder Hawk for all the support and knowledge that they have shared with us.

We would also encourage all to check out our new cd "Stampede". Along with that check out our "Stampede" page that has all the information about our cd. We also would like you to invite a friend or a relative to check out our page and invite you back to check it out. In the future we will change the photo's so it won't look the same all the time.

Also on our other page you can find where to buy "Stampede" or if we see on the pow-wow trail you can buy from us. Hope to see you all on the pow-wow trail this coming summer.

Be on the look out for our new cd. coming in the summer of 2005.

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